Friday, December 09, 2005

Experience Economy

Companies used to focus on making new, better, or cheaper products and services--and then selling them in the marketplace. Now, the game is to create wonderful and emotional experiences for consumers around whatever is being sold. It’s the experience that counts, not the product. While that business model has long been the preserve of cult-like brands such as Starbucks and Apple, it’s fast becoming the norm in all industries. The goal: to build communities of passionate and loyal consumers.

What management thinkers B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore first identified as The Experience Economy several years ago has finally come to pass.

Businessweek Dec 7 2005

Friday, December 02, 2005

Content creator pays for end user's access to technlogy.

A collect call is a well established idea in telecom. This idea might just work in software. I am not sure if such an attempt has been made in technolgy sector.

The conventional model is that you buy Application software to create, edit business documents. Next you send an attachment of you document to the recipient.

Now I am beginning to wonder if the "Collect call" Idea can be applied to software?

Imagine that you are a big corporation and you can afford expensive software, so you buy the authoring software. In the conventional situation the reciever of the document should have the same application software to read your document.

Suppose you have embeded the permissions into the document such that the reader can just plug in a password and start editing the document without haveing to purchase the application software.

The user basically has a free verison of your application software which does not allow authoring but only reading, now with permissions set he can have access to funtionality , the usage of which has been payied for by the sender.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ownership of Digital Content.

Banks are allowed to keep lockers and customers have to right to store anything in them. i.e the source of your assest are not questioned at the Banks.

Now if have a few Gigs of content , then the service provider should not question me as to how I have come into the possesion. So as to host the content.

This should be the case, but Digital rights managements look to certify the owner ship of Digital data. what happens when I buy a softcopy of a music piece and then decide to Gift the piece to a friend.