Friday, August 12, 2005

India's Software Dream Run Is Far From Over

The local Indian software service providers : The median wage for a seasoned language programmer is $11,423 a year in India, according to a survey by Seattle-based PayScale; it's $83,000 in the U.S

Nasscom Article

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vpsingh88 said...

Maybe you are right...but there are areas of concern....last night I was attending a TIE talk by Arvind Sodhani of Intel Capital.. basically heard the same thing as what Pramod Haq, the big VC said a few months ago:
1. Cost structure in India is rapidly going up- getting hard to hire and retain people.
2. This cost structure could be justified if the quality of work was bleeding edge, like in Israel. However Indian companies are present mostly in the "Enterprise" space , and innovation is not happening as fast as in other places. Someone pointed out that hi tech chip design is happening rapidly in Bangalore- but Sogani felt its much slower than elsewhere.
3. The number of CS graduates needed in a few years will far outnumber the numbers that the engineering institutes can produce. Something has to be done.
4. High cost structure may be due to weak infrastructure, which prevents
resources from moving from one area to another (Not sure what he meant by that- maybe people dont change cities as its hard finding schools for children ?)